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How it works

Contact us for a free consultation to determine a personalized strategy to rent your apartment or house.

Your apartment will be published to our network and the major real estate portals including Pararius.

Viewing sessions, applicant screening, rental contracts and check-in procedure are all handled by SPR Property.

We include a customized aftercare service covering technical, administrative and financial aspects of property management and support.

Advantages of renting out via SPR Property:

√ Access to the largest expat rental portals in NL. Promote your property on Pararius and Xpatrentals

 Access to our extensive network of international companies, embassies and relocation agencies

Quality tenants. We screen applicants to ensure we provide reliable tenants

 Specialists in temporary and long term rental and property management

 Available 7 days a week, morning to night flexible to your schedule


Our fee is 8% of 1st year’s rent (excl. btw) as soon as we provide a suitable tenant for your property

About Pararius

The largest independent website for rental properties in the Netherlands.

Pararius was founded as a rental specific website to bring landlords and tenants together. With over 1.1 million views every month, more than 70,000 rental properties are rented each year through the website.

What does Pararius mean? The word Pararius translates from latin and means ‘real estate broker’ or ‘intermediary’. The verb ‘parare’ means to prepare, organize, equip and complete. A fitting metaphor for a real estate agent.

Note, when using a Pararius agent, you rent via a real estate agent who follows a code of conduct. As a Pararius agent we guarantee professionalism, service and a focus on building lasting business relationships.

Advantages of access to Pararius 


Better Positioning

Better Tenants


Quicker Rental

Optimal Pricing