Terms & Conditions

    1. Definitions

    1.1 “SPR Property” is a name used by SPR Property (Kvk / Chamber of Commerce number: 67162835) who operate on numerous websites and landing pages including www.sprproperty.nl, www.sprproperty.com, www.sprmgmt.nl, www.sprmgmt.com and www.damrentals.nl.

    1.2 “Prospect tenant” is understood to be any person or entity who visits, shows interest in or responds to any rental property / properties listed by SPR Property via www.sprproperty.nl, any connected websites or streams SPR Property uses to advertise property.

    1.3 “Tenant” is understood to be any person or entity who has verbally or in writing agreed to the conditions of renting a specific property.

    1.4 “Landlord” is understood to be any person or entity who has assigned SPR Property to rent out a property.

    1.5 “Property” is understood to be a rental property SPR Property has been authorized to manage and/or mediate in finding a tenant by either landlord or partner.

    1.6 “Search request” is understood to be an assignment made by a prospective tenant to find a suitable rental property.

    1.7 “Partner” is understood to be a representative of a rental property SPR Property offers to a prospect tenant or provide to a tenant as part of a search request.

    1.8 “Visitor” is understood to be any person or entity who visits SPR Property’s websites.


    1. General Conditions

    2.1 These terms & conditions apply to any visitor, prospect tenant, tenant or landlord who uses SPR Property’s websites.

    2.2 By using services of SPR Property any visitor, prospect tenant, tenant or landlord agree to the terms & conditions of SPR Property.

    2.3 By responding to a property, a prospective tenant automatically registers their details with SPR Property.

    2.4 Property listings on SPR Property’s website have no agency fees attached.


    1. Viewing a property

    3.1 Viewings are free and without cost.

    3.2 Viewings are without obligation to proceed with rental.

    3.3 Viewings can only be in agreement of SPR Property, the property’s occupants and/or the landlord when applicable.


    1. Rental Applications

    4.1 Prospect tenants will need to provide an accurately filled application to apply for a property. An application form to rent a property will be provided by SPR Property.

    4.2 The following documents must be provided with rental applications:

    – Form of identification. Can be a valid passport, ID card or driver’s license

    – Proof of income. Can be a working contract, employer’s statement, recent salary slip or bank statement (in the case of an entrepreneur).

    4.3 Approval will be required from the landlord or partner before a prospect tenant is accepted as tenant of a rental property.

    4.4 SPR Property, landlords or partners will not be obliged to approve rental applications and reserve the right to refusal.

    4.5 Prospect tenants will be obliged to proceed with a rental application when accepted by a landlord or partner. All rental applications will be seen as an intent to rent a property.

    4.6 The prospect tenant is required to make a downpayment of €300,- once a rental application is approved by the landlord or partners. The downpayment will be deducted from the total move in amount (deposit and rent).

    4.7 Refund of the downpayment is possible in the case of unforeseen circumstances meaning the landlord or partner is unable to proceed with rental of the property.

    4.8 Downpayment is non refundable in the case of the prospect tenant deciding not to proceed with their application.


    1. Search Requests

    5.1 Prospect tenants who make a search request have assigned SPR Property to find a rental property on their behalf.

    5.2 Prospect tenants who make a search request are subject to all terms & conditions where applicable.

    5.3 SPR Property will search for suitable properties from partners when a search request is accepted.

    5.4 When making a search request, the prospect tenant’s details are recorded for communication and the purposes of SPR property to fulfill the assignment.

    5.5 The prospect tenant understands SPR Property will make an extensive housing search for property outside of SPR Property’s property listings.

    5.6 SPR Property does not receive financial reward from landlords or partners whenever assigned to a search request.

    5.7 SPR Property represents the tenant when assigned to a search request.

    5.8 SPR Property does not represent the landlord or partner when assigned to a search request.


    1. Costs

    6.1 Services to rent any property listed on SPR Property’s websites are free and with no commission, contract cost, agency or administration fees.

    6.2 SPR Property is paid by the landlord for services, including finding a tenant, when a property is listed on SPR Property’s websites.

    6.3 A fee is only required when a visitor makes a search request to find a property outside the listings on our website. In this case a fee of 1 month’s rent plus 21% BTW is required upon success of a prospect tenant becoming a tenant.


    1. Liability

    7.1 SPR Property promises to provide as accurate information as possible on their websites but cannot guarantee this to be always possible due to obtaining this information from third parties.

    7.2 SPR Property will do all possible to provide accurate information when provided by all parties. SPR Property is not liable for inaccurate information provided by landlords, prospect tenants or tenants.

    7.3 SPR Property will always work with the intention to assist in providing a positive experience for all parties. SPR Property is however not liable for any party’s failure to fulfill their obligations before, during or after the tenancy.

    7.4 SPR Property is not liable for any consequences arising from inconsistencies, incomplete information or errors in the rental agreement that are the result of erroneous information provided to SPR Property by the landlord.

    7.5 Any statement or offer both oral or written is without commitment by SPR Property. Prospective tenants are unable to claim any rights to either statements or offers.

    7.6 SPR Property is not liable for failure to conclude a rental agreement between the landlord and prospective tenant.


    1. Governing laws and court

    8.1 Dutch law applies to the terms & conditions and any agreements resulting from them.

    8.2 All disputes will be settled by a competent court in the Netherlands.


    1. Ownership

    All information on SPR Property’s websites is owned by SPR Property and may not be copied or published without written permission. SPR Property retains all intellectual property rights relating to the websites and the information provided on them.


    1. Complaints

    Complaints should be communicated to SPR Property by email to info@sprproperty.nl. SPR Property will respond in appropriate manner within 28 days.