Guide to Renting Via SPR

Earn money from your property without all the work

A reliable rental partner handles the complete process so you can earn extra money.

We can help with everything

We can be the main point of contact during the tenancy if you’re too busy or outside of the country.


1. Valuation

Rent your property for the right value


Rental prices are always changing. Aiming too low or too high can mean you miss out on valuable opportunities. We will provide an accurate rental valuation up to date with the current rental market ensuring quick rental and the perfect matching tenant.

No need to waste time with approximate figures or inaccurate valuations. We advise an honest, accurate figure to get the property rented within the relevant timeframe for the best possible price.

2. Preparation

First impressions make a difference


Preparing your property for rental without the need for large investment is possible. For example, cleaning communal entrances provides a positive impression from the very first moment of entering the building. Removing clutter from rooms will help living spaces feel larger. Matching towel sets in the bathroom gives a sense of order.

As a final touch, professional photography helps present the property online. This is included within our expat rental assistance along with 360 degree photos and a video tour.

We also advise on how to best complete your to-do list regarding the legalities and formalities of renting out your property. The process can be easy with our expert guidance.

3. Marketing your property

The right marketing reaches the right people


Your aim should be to achieve full exposure to the expat rental market. Our rental assistance ensures of this by using a wide range of methods including sharing to our database of expat individuals and international companies along with postings on more than 20 rental websites including the largest one, Pararius.

Also good to know, we’re a company run by expats and therefore provide a deeper reach, straight to the source of Amsterdam expats. So in short, expats will find us if we dont find them.

4. Viewings

Our late opening hours will increase opportunities

Flexible hours are essential to maximize viewing opportunities for your property. With viewings possible 7 days a week, we do our utmost to arrange times when most convenient for you, the current tenants and any prospect tenants.

We’ve also mastered the art of qualifying prospects to ensure only the right matches will view your property saving everyone’s time and efforts.

5. Applications

All the paperwork in good hands


Anyone who would like to rent your property must firstly provide an application form and supporting documents. We then carry out our screening process to ensure both sound character and financial stability. Once the applicant passes our screening, we forward the application to you for final approval.

After receiving your approval, the lease agreement will be drawn up and we instruct moving-in payment to be transferred to your bank account. Lease agreements are provided in Dutch and English and are fully up to date to protect your property from any negative situations.

6. Completion

Expert assistance goes a long way


Time can pass quickly in between signing the lease. The calendar will soon indicate the start date is upon us.

Keys will be released to the tenant on moving day once payment is confirmed. We also draw up a detailed professional inspection and inventory report to record the property’s condition at check in. This will help to compare the property at check out.

Before the move in date, you can also task us to prepare your property by arranging professional cleaning, support for repairs and assisting in switching utility contracts to the new tenant. Overall we aim to provide a complete service so please feel free to ask if we can help with something.

7. Aftercare, Support & Optional Property Management

Customized support during the rental period


You always have someone on call for assistance during the tenancy. We can be the main point of contact with the tenant and also manage tasks such as coordinating maintenance, making administrative changes to the paperwork and providing emergency keys. The amount of support is always tailored to your needs and preferences.

As a completely hands on option, we have an optional property management service available. Instructing SPR to fully manage your property gives peace of mind that both your property and tenant will be fully cared for 24/7. In doing so we handle all aspects of technical, administrative and financial management. Ask your rental account manager for more information.

Benefit from SPR as your rental partner

We do more so you can earn more


Take into consideration our extended opening hours, when we’re available to conduct viewings and also the kind of marketing your property will receive. These points are critical to obtaining an optimal rental income and perfect matching tenant for your property.

Being of valuable service is important to us. We pride ourselves on open, honest communication and aim to save your time, money and efforts with our expertise.