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Expat Specialist

Direct, honest assistance for renting out your Amsterdam Property

Expat Specialist

Direct, honest assistance for renting out your Amsterdam Property

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Rent to professional working expats searching for furnished and unfurnished rentals in the Amsterdam area.



Guarantee high rental income and safeguard your investment with rental contracts for a fixed period.


Straightforward professional advice and assistance from beginning to end of the rental process.


We make finding a tenant for your property a lot easier.

Renting to expats.

Amsterdam is home to a thriving expat community. Renting to expats can be the perfect option to earn from a vacant home or investment property. Tenants with stable salary staying for a fixed rental period will provide the type of security a property owner should expect.

What are expats? Expats are working professionals being relocated by their company from one country to another. Projects are mostly 1-3 years and daily lives are often spent at the office on a journey to advance their professional careers.


Optimal rental income.

An accurate rental valuation provides the highest return on your investment while finding a tenant in the shortest timeframe. Aiming too high can mean you lose valuable opportunities. Aiming too low can mean you lose rental income.

We pride ourselves on honest, straightforward communication and provide a no nonsense valuation as to what your property is worth. We don’t use misleading figures or provide valuations based on old data. In doing so we aim to save your time and money.

The rental process in safe hands.

When using a professional rental service you should be able to relax knowing your property will be rented within the correct timeframe, for an optimal price to the perfect matching tenant.

Information should be up to date, legalities should be known and your best interests should be protected. The necessary action from your side should be minimal. With only a few steps, we can easily make that happen.


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