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The task of finding your place in Amsterdam can be made easy with our assistance.


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Expat Home Search

Find your new home


The difficult task of finding a place to live in Amsterdam can be easy with our assistance. You’re just a few steps from receiving options matching your requirements and keys to your new home.  


Find my home

What to expect from us


Accurate search

Our aim is to find the right match taking into account your needs, not just your rental budget.

We will find property matches then schedule and accompany you to viewings in person or by video if you’re unable to attend.

Experienced partner

It’s important to know your obligations and ensure you receive the deal you expected.

We will negotiate your offer, review the rental contract and record your new home’s condition at check in. 

Soft landing

Expect smooth transitioning to your new home with utilities such as energy and internet set up before you move in.

We can also get you connected with local registration, banking, tax advisors and insurance.


Rental smarts

Maybe something is not working or needs repaired. Who is responsible?

No matter the question, we will help when you need during the rental.



“Considering the Dutch housing market, we expected our search to take forever. This was not the case when SPR found our new home within 1 week. Cannot thank you enough!”


Chris & Joy – 2018



A place to call home

Rental professionals

Our team has more than 15 years experience in helping expats find their comfort in Amsterdam. 

We know the city

We know our way around the hidden and not so hidden parts of this beautiful city.

Expats for expats

We’re also expats and experienced it all when making the move to and settling into the Netherlands. 


What are the costs?

To begin your home search we require a search activation deposit of €300,- plus VAT. This will be deducted from the success fee.

Upon finding your new home, the success fee is equal to 1 month’s gross rent plus VAT.

How much are the expected move in costs?

Apart from the success fee, the property owner will require a deposit. This varies from property to property although you can expect 1-2 months rent.

Should I expect costs other than the monthly rent?

Yes. Rental prices are mostly displayed excluding utilities and local taxes.

The expected costs vary between properties and depend on the number of persons you live with and your utility preferences. For example: higher internet speeds can make a small difference to your bill.

As an estimate, expect approx €150-175 per month for a 50-75m2 property and €175 plus for larger properties when considering utilities. 

For local taxes, as a resident of Amsterdam you receive a bill for garbage collection (Afvalstoffenheffing) along with water purification / management and maintaining the city’s water ways (Waterschapsbelasting). The amounts vary each year and depend on the number of persons who live at the property.

Taxes for Afvalstoffenheffing in 2019 are:

€ 276,- per year for a 1 person household or
€ 368,- per year for a 2 or more person household

Waterschapsbelasting for a 1 person household:

€54,- per year covering ‘Vervuilingseenheid zuiveringsheffing / pollution charge’
€112,58 per year covering ‘Watersysteemheffing voor ingezetenen / water system levy for residents’

Total of €166,58 per year. 

Alternatively, Waterschapsbelasting for a 2 or more person household:

€162,- per year covering ‘Vervuilingseenheid zuiveringsheffing / pollution charge’
€112,58 per year covering ‘Watersysteemheffing voor ingezetenen / water system levy for residents’

Total of €274,58 per year.

Note you will receive a tax bill prorated for the remainder of the year rather than for a full year if you move in after 1 January.

Where are the best areas to live?
  1. The most popular locations we come across are Jordaan, Pijp and Old West. The best area for you depends on your requirements. We can guide you to the best locations based around your needs.
How quick can we find your new home?

If you have time, we will use the time you make available to find your new home. If you need to move quick, we will move quick! 


Are home search services available to non-expats?

We would be happy to help!

Get things moving

Send us your search detail
Get started

Ready to start?


The process

Send a request
Provide us with details of your search so we can activate your request. You will soon receive updates with possible matches.

Choose matches
Decide which matches you like the most. We will then schedule a convenient time to view in person or make a video tour before your arrival.

View property
If you’re in Amsterdam, we will accompany you to the viewing and use our rentals expertise to inspect the finer details of the rental property.

We process your application for the property in the best way possible and negotiate the conditions of the rental as your representative.

Rental contract
Rental contracts usually come in Dutch with an English translation. We can check both versions to ensure all conditions are standard and matching your needs.

Move in
On move in date we ensure the check in report records the property’s actual condition at the start date. This is important to use as a reference point to compare at check out.

Set-up utilities
Connecting to the best utility providers can be easy with our assistance. We will aim to set up services such as internet, energy, tv and water so they’re available on the move in date.

Settling in
We’re always on stand by for support during the tenancy. We’re also ready to provide info on everything Amsterdam and beyond.

Move out
At the end of the rental, we will be present at the check out and aim to ensure your deposit is settled fairly.


What are the costs?

Our search assistance is a no cure, no pay service.

A fee equal to 1 month’s rent excluding BTW is required upon success.

Overall we aim to make the home search process as quick and stress free as possible.

Properties from our own listings are free, without any costs.